Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel

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Sobreiras – Alentejo Country Hotel offers an unique experience of tranquility and leisure, allying a simple and elegant design inspired by the surrounding nature with the richness of landscapes and flavors of Alentejo. Just an hour away from Lisbon and a few minutes from the village of Grândola, here you can enjoy the purely rural context of the Serra de Grândola with all the potential of the proximity of the Costa Alentejana and Comporta. At Herdeira das Sobreiras you will find the charm and beauty of a traditional Alentejo country house with all the comfort and functionalities you need to enjoy a perfect stay with family or friends. Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel

Raquel Mendonça
Hotel Director

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Air conditioned, Bar, Eco hotel, Events, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Parking, 24 hours reception, Restaurant, Transfers, Free Wifi

Useful Information

Check-in: 15:00 - 00:00
07:00 - 12:00

Cancelation and Reservation Changes Policy

All reservations are guaranteed with the advance of 25% of their total value, made by transfer, within 48 hours. If there is a cancellation, it must be done at least 8 days before the arrival, in order not to lose the amount advanced. The value is neither transferable nor returned, but can be enjoyed in a future stay. If you do not transfer within the specified period, your pre-reservation can be canceled without any warning.

Childs Policy
Children until 3 years old will be free of charge if sharing a room with one adult. From 4 to 1q years will be charged an extra 20€ per night . Extra beds are subject to availability.
All further children or adults are charged EUR 30 per night for extra beds.

Pets Policy
One pet is allowed per room. A fee of 20€ per night will be charged 

What guests are saying about us

A great place to rest and relax

Peace in the middle of nature

Comfort, peace, breakfast and excellent attention from the staff


The breakfast was great, the bed exceptional, the view magnificent and the silence unique



Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel

A boutique hotel in the tranquility of Serra de Grândola

General Information

Along its 15 hectares the Herdade das Sobreiras and its beautiful natural landscape provide an unique experience of leisure and tranquility, presenting itself as the perfect symbiosis between the simple and elegant design and the calm atmosphere that surrounds it.

Located in Serra de Grândola, about 1 hour away from Lisbon and only a few minutes from the village of Grândola and close to the stunning beaches of the Costa Alentejana as well as Comporta.

At Sobreias - Country Hotel you can enjoy peace, quiet and tranquility, but also take advantage of the various activities that we have available and that will contribute to a memorable experience.




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At Herdade do Vale das Sobreiras you can enjoy the charm of the countryside: tranquility, serenity, spaciousness, the songs of nature, an orchard, and a wide range of activities : from the pool to the playgrounds or to the trampoline - which delights all children. Walking or cycling, simply observing the "infinite" starry sky or exploring the animals that live here, reading a book or napping in a hammock ... everything are possibilities.

The diversity and beauty of an almost pristine landscape, where the horizon seems to have no end, provides numerous experiences and privileged scenarios for those who seek close contact with nature.

A privileged ecosystem offers unique conditions to enjoy magnificent species of flora and fauna that nature reveals without asking for permission. Those are some of the reasons why you have to discover Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel.

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With a simple butelegant design inspired by the surrounding nature and Alentejo itself, the 22 rooms and 2 suites of the Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel offer all the comfort and privacy so you can create unforgettable memories and enjoy the tranquility of the Alentejo landscape in a unique and charming atmosphere.

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At Restaurante Sobreiras you can enjoy the traditional flavors of Alentejo and Portugal in a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere, inspired by the environment that surrounds it.

If you prefer, you can also choose to have a drink or a light meal on the poolside terrace to soak up the sun, contemplate the landscape or the immaculate starry sky that this place offers.


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The infinity pool invites you to a dip in nature, with the horizon to be lost sight of. At the edge of the pool you can lie in the sun on a lounger, sip a drink under the shade of a tree, read a book or simply contemplate the extraordinary beauty of the landscape.

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Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel offers a set of interior and exterior spaces that perfectly fit the various moments of an event or ceremony that will certainly be unique and memorable.

The simplicity and elegance of contemporary architecture coupled with the warm textures  of a decoration inspired by the beauty of the surrounding nature, are the perfect setting for any type of event, loving those who visit us.

If you want to organize a workshop, a business meeting, a team building event, a wedding, a christening, a birthday party or just a family dinner, be sure to contact us.
We offer exclusive solutions and make tailored prepositions for each event.


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